Clen Atchley, from Ashton, Idaho, served on the Intermountain West Joint Venture Management Board for sixteen years, one of the longest stints for any private landowner on a Joint Venture Management Board, and remains active in Joint Venture committee work. He provided instrumental leadership to the Joint Venture community by bringing the voice of a working farmer and rancher to Joint Venture discussions and decisions. He is a proven conservation leader with a vast array of habitat conservation accomplishments on his own farm and ranchland, as well as through many years of active engagement with the Teton Regional Land Trust. Foremost, Clen and his wonderful wife, Emma, are committed to sustaining the agricultural and wildlife heritage of eastern Idaho for future generations.

From the Joint Venture board room to his working agricultural operation to the halls of Congress, Clen has been a pillar of the Joint Venture movement for the majority of its existence. For his many years of leadership and dedication to sustaining the conservation and cultural heritage of the Intermountain West, we are honored to present the 2012 North American Migratory Bird Joint Venture Conservation Champion Award for a Private Landowner to Clen Atchley.