Ronny Graham, Danny Graham, and Ronnie Myrick own The Wetlands LLC, 3,500 acres of intensively managed wetlands located in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. They are dedicated to wetland and natural resource conservation, as evidenced by their continued involved with various conservation programs in support of Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture goals. They have entered into several private landowner agreements, including the Louisiana private lands program, which has been an integral part of the LMVJV habitat conservation effort over the past two decades. Additionally, they were some of the early enrollees in the NRCS Wetlands Reserve Program in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Louisiana, restoring and permanently protecting emergent and forested wetlands on the majority of their property.

The Wetlands LLC graciously contributed $100,000 of match toward a North American Wetlands Conservation Act proposal submitted in 2011 – further testimony to their interest and commitment to the landscape vision of the LMVJV. Finally, as recently as January 2012, they hosted a meeting of the newly-established Louisiana Conservation Delivery Committee – a consortium of Louisiana conservation agency leaders, including the Lower Mississippi Valley, Gulf Coast, and East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Ventures, designed to foster increased communication and coordination among natural resource agencies throughout the state.

For their dedication to the conservation of the wetlands and natural resources of Louisiana, we are honored to present Ronny Graham, Danny Graham, and Ronnie Myrick of The Wetlands LLC with the 2012 North American Migratory Bird Joint Venture Conservation Champion Award for a Private Landowner.