Strategic Habitat Conservation

shc-graphicJoint Ventures use strategic habitat conservation (SHC) as our adaptive, science-based approach to conservation. Science includes the biological and ecological aspects of birds and their habitat requirements at multiple spatial scales, as well as the social science that is the foundation for the human dimensions aspect of conservation.

SHC is built on five main components:

  1. biological planning – working with partners to establish shared conservation targets and measurable biological objectives, and identifying limiting factors affecting our shared conservation targets;
  2. conservation design – creating tools that allow us to direct conservation actions to most effectively contribute to measurable biological outcomes,
  3. conservation delivery – working collaboratively with a broad range of partners to create and carry out conservation strategies with value at multiple spatial scales, and
  4. outcome-based monitoring – evaluating the effectiveness of conservation actions in reaching biological outcomes to then adapt future conservation planning and delivery and
  5. assumption-driven research – testing assumptions made during biological planning to refine future plans and actions. Both monitoring and research help us learn from our decisions and activities to improve them over time.

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Bird Conservation Plans/Initiatives

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