Migratory Bird Conservation Champions

Supporting conservation across North America

Over their long history, the North American Migratory Bird Joint Ventures have worked with over 5,700 non-governmental organizations; local, state, and federal agencies and governments; private landowners; tribes; corporations; universities; and other partners.

These collaborations have translated into an array of success stories, including the conservation of millions of acres of important habitat for birds and other wildlife, leveraging millions of matching and in-kind dollars; innovative partnerships to protect at-risk species, strategic communications and outreach to deliver important messages to target audiences, cutting edge scientific research to fill gaps in knowledge, and science-based planning to guide resource management actions.

The North American Migratory Bird Joint Venture Conservation Champion Award is given to partners and partnerships that have demonstrated a long-term commitment and dedication to the important work of the Joint Ventures.

2012 Award Winners

The Pingree Family

In 1993, the Pingree Family initiated an independent, third-party green-certification of their forestland in Maine to the highest international standards. These efforts resulted in the Seven Islands Land Company becoming the world’s largest third-party certified sustainable forest products company.


ConocoPhillips has been a champion of migratory bird conservation through its involvement with Joint Ventures by donating critical non-federal funding, serving on Management Boards, and setting an exemplary standard to the rest of corporate America.

Clen Atchley

Clen and Emma Atchley are committed to sustaining the agricultural and wildlife heritage of eastern Idaho for future generations.

Gary Myers

After the North American Waterfowl Management Plan was signed in 1986 and called for the establishment of Joint Ventures to implement waterfowl habitat conservation, Gary Myers set the standard for what a JV would look like and how they would function.

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

From the beginning, some twenty-five years ago, State Fish and Wildlife Agencies have served as foundational members of Joint Ventures.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. and Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. and Ducks Unlimited Canada have been integral partners, advocates, and leaders in the development of Joint Ventures from their inception.

Wisconsin’s Congressman Ron Kind

Congressman Ron Kind has been a stalwart champion of bird conservation throughout his tenure representing the people of western Wisconsin’s third Congressional district.

The Private Landowners within the Grassland Resource Conservation District

The Grassland Resource Conservation District is widely recognized as an extremely important area for migratory birds and for its excellent collaboration with the Central Valley Joint Venture.

The Wetlands LLC: Ronny Graham, Danny Graham, and Ronnie Myrick

Ronny Graham, Danny Graham, and Ronnie Myrick, owners of The Wetlands LLC, are dedicated to wetland and natural resource conservation in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.

Scott and Susan Freeman

Over the past eight years Scott and Susan Freeman have completed five conservation purchases and now own 232 acres of wetland and forest along Tarboo Creek, a tributary to the state of Washington’s Hood Canal.