Working Together in Conservation

partnerships-1Partnerships are the backbone to the Joint Ventures. JVs cultivate and support partnerships that protect and restore habitat for the benefit of birds, other wildlife, and people. JVs provide partners with seed money as well as critical scientific, human dimensions, technical, and policy guidance and support to plan and carry out the most effective on-the-ground bird and habitat conservation efforts. Over the course of their history, JVs have worked with over 5,700 partners on many hundreds of projects, including habitat restoration and protection, capacity building, inventory and monitoring, planning, scientific research, and communications, education, and outreach.

Bird Conservation Partnerships

Joint Ventures take conservation priorities and objectives that have been identified at national and international levels and work to address them at the regional level.They bring together partners to pool financial and human resources to fund and carry out projects that further the goals of the major bird conservation partnerships:

Funding Opportunities

One of the many benefits of participating in a JV partnership is improved access to funding. For example, Joint Venture staff work with partners to evaluate and rank North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant proposals. JVs also help partners find other sources of funding for conservation projects.

Joint Ventures in Action

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